Xtasy Clothing Brand

Xtasy Clothing is a clothing brand that people can express themselves through our custom design t-shirts and accessories. Xtasy Clothing was founded with one purpose and one goal and that is to help save endangered species.

As the CEO of Xtasy Clothing I was always and still am fascinated by nature and all the animals that are around this world. While I was young I didn't pay much attention to how animals natural habitats where being destroyed and replaced by homes , gas stations , and businesses. I was paying more attention to how beautiful these animals are how they are so much like us humans in a way when they are in their natural habitat. They breed, they populate , they communicate with each other and protect one another, but yet humans do not care about them they destroy their homes killing them off and leaving them with no food source or place to go as more houses and businesses are being built. 

Human Population increasing = Wild Life Population decreasing 

It took me some time to understand that this was a big problem and humans seem to ignore it. As of 2021 human population is roughly 7.9 billion And according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) The population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have seen an Drastic average drop of 70% since 1970. The biggest threat to our wildlife population drastically decreasing is Poachers ,Deforestation , overexploitation, human life population increasing but in overall the ones to blame are humans.